Technical SEO

Thorough, hands-on audits
We utilize dozens of tools to uncover what’s really happening.

Effort vs. impact: Priorities that matter
There will always be technical SEO tasks to complete, but most don’t actually drive SEO results.

The implementation support you need
Our analysts can implement recommendations or provide any support or training your team needs to get it done in-house.

Every website has room for technical improvement. Knowing where and how to start is more complicated, which is why you need the right partner in your corner.

In just three months, Propecta’s technical SEO team helped Green Mountain realize a 97% increase in monthly organic sessions.

Alan Wayler
Alan Wayler
Executive Director and Owner

After bringing our traffic levels to historical highs, we are already seeing steady growth even beyond that point.

I’m glad to finally be working with a team that has some serious SEO chops.

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Custom Technical SEO Consulting You Can Actually Put to Use

Propecta is a unique team of talented and experienced individuals who have worked together to develop industry-leading insights that produce revenue-driving results for our clients.

Our technical team can help you:

  • Understand the true health of your company’s website.
    Some agencies offer cookie-cutter audits, and some programs boast automated technical reviews, but Propecta’s Technical SEO audit is a manual, hands-on audit of your site. Our review is conducted by experienced technical SEO analysts with holistic understandings of modern SEO best practices.
  • Develop a clear strategy for improving your company’s site.
    Our technical SEO support does more than generate a list of generic tasks to complete. Analysts will present your team with a detailed, prioritized task list that outlines which work will produce the best ROI, and which can wait.
  • Update and improve your company’s site quickly.
    Propecta can support and equip your internal dev teams to complete the necessary work, or we can resolve all of the issues independently. We can also coordinate a blended strategy—training your team as appropriate, and implementing any items you need us to.

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We consider our specialists an extension of your team, and we pride ourselves on being responsive, helpful, and collaborative. Karl Boehm leads our technical SEO team. He joined Propecta with a background in search strategy and web development project management.

Meaningful Technical SEO Strategy

Do you know what kind of technical SEO needs your company’s website is currently experiencing? Is your technical SEO task list prioritized by effort and expected impact?

Meaningful technical SEO efforts:

  • Rely on hands-on analysis and a variety of specialized tools.
  • Thoroughly investigate key issues to provide detailed resolutions and recommendations.
  • Create meaningful strategies and project plans that the C-suite understands and values.
  • Forecast the impact of the work on organic rankings, organic traffic, and revenue.
  • Report on the specific, tangible impact of the work, and drive meaningful improvements.

This kind of detail is crucial so marketers don’t get distracted by minor issues. Too many technical SEO task lists are filled with busy work that doesn’t really move the needle on important SEO metrics or business KPIs.

A thorough audit and ongoing monitoring are the only ways to really know where your website stands, what issues might be holding back your SEO and content marketing efforts, and which technical tasks are top priorities.

Learn More about a Mobile-First Indexing Audit

Propecta has been providing these kinds of technical insights for clients across a wide variety of industries, for years.

Our systems and processes have been proven in every vertical to which they have been applied, and our clients enjoy the freedom to focus on other aspects of digital marketing that continue to drive their growth.

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