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Modern SEO represents exciting opportunities to earn new business. While 81% of B2B purchase cycles start with a web search1, fewer than 3% of clicks2 are awarded to paid ad listings. Optimizing a website for organic search performance is a leading digital marketing strategy.

Whether your company is updating their strategy or just getting started, however, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to maximize the necessary investment of time and money. SEO is a complex field, and constantly changing.

Effective SEO can no longer be outsourced and forgotten about. SEO is, in many ways, a reflection of a brand’s overall online health. There are specific factors and considerations, but search engines generally reward healthy brands, which means SEO can’t be siloed or delegated to an outside party like it used to. You need an experienced, strategic SEO partner who can focus on the unique results your company needs to see.

SEO is Cross-Functional

SEO that drives tangible, revenue-related results involves many team members from across an organization. Most marketers know that dev teams are instrumental in building and maintaining well-optimized sites that perform well in organic search, and that tech teams are crucial for addressing issues that can hinder the success of an entire brand.

But a holistic SEO strategy can’t stop there. Editorial, development, product marketing, social media teams, and many others can make or break a company’s SEO cause. Decision makers from almost every department and team need to be engaged in an organization’s SEO strategy and equipped to consider SEO issues in their day-to-day work.

Get SEO Leadership for Every Team

Propecta focuses on supporting organizations and internal teams to build a cross-functional focus on SEO. A company-wide SEO awareness measures and values the impact of SEO work in order to motivate and reward every team member that contributes to the broader SEO cause.

Do you have an SEO lead in-house? Excellent! We support many internal SEO leads by providing strategic support, resources, outside expert opinions, as well as flexible extra capacity in busy seasons. When broader campaigns call for an increased effort, Propecta can step in as needed to scale your company’s ability to crunch numbers, complete SEO work, deliver high volume of exceptional content, and provide strategic leadership.

No in-house SEO lead? No problem. Propecta’s account strategists can fill that role for your organization on a short- or long-term basis. We welcome the opportunity to work with other department managers and leaders, as well as team members from across your organization, to drive meaningful SEO results for your company and help nurture an internal SEO-focus.

SEO Training for Every Team

In addition to leadership and support, we provide custom training for your organization and teams—from content teams, to dev staff, to social media marketers, to designers.

SEO is a strategy that requires input from, and provides benefit to, many teams in any organization. Individuals in all of those teams need to be aware of SEO strategies and best practices, especially as relate to their daily tasks and goals, so they can improve the brand’s SEO presence—or at least not damage it. We work with:

  • Demand gen teams (blogging, social media, CRO, advertising)
  • Sales and support teams
  • Customer success teams
  • Online community and event teams
  • PR, online PR, and influencer marketing teams
  • Real-world marketing teams (print advertising, events, etc.)

These are some of the groups we work with most commonly, but our staff has the experience and expertise to help train and equip people across your organization.

Customized SEO Leadership and Training Solutions

Effective SEO can no longer be outsourced and forgotten, but neither can it be siloed to one department or one desk in the marketing department. SEO that drives rankings, traffic, and revenue needs the technical support of IT and web dev teams, the digital savvy of online community organizers and marketers, the audience insights of product marketers and sales, and more.

Organizing that kind of cross-departmental team in the ever-evolving sphere of SEO can be challenging. Propecta provides the leadership that can fill gaps in your company’s internal teams, and the training that can equip your entire staff to drive bottom-line SEO results together.

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