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Deliver more ROI with SEO-informed content marketing.

Create strategic, best-in-class content assets every time.

Align internal teams to build a compelling content strategy.

As a specialized SEO agency, Propecta infuses a modern SEO strategy into every stage of the content lifecycle. From strategy and concept ideation, to content creation and execution, to monitoring and reporting, SEO insights, strategy, and metrics can enhance and optimize a content strategy.

The Opportunity:  Deliver More ROI with SEO-Informed Content Marketing

SEO-aligned content marketers drive 54% more revenue growth, year-over-year, than marketers who try to use content without SEO. We can help your company be one of those that comes out on top.

Content that Drives Revenue

  • Content
  • SEO-aligned Content
  • 54% more revenue

SEO-aligned content marketers drive 54% more growth in marketing-sourced revenue year-over-year. (Aberdeen Group)

If you’re like most marketers today, you know the value of content marketing. You know that you need to produce content to build your company’s presence online, and that exceptional content can help your brand stand out.

Integrating SEO strategies, best practices, and metrics into your organization’s content strategies offers significant opportunities to better target your audience, improve brand visibility and authority, and prove revenue-related value.

Propecta’s team of SEO strategists, analysts, and editors help embed proven SEO practices into existing content strategies. We also help build new content strategies with SEO insights at the core for better brand awareness, lead generation, and more.

Propecta’s comprehensive, SEO-oriented content marketing strategy significantly boosted Sumo Logic’s online visibility and allowed us to better connect with our target market.

Maurina Venturelli, Director of Demand Generation, Sumo Logic

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The Challenge:  Every Content Asset Needs to be Amazing

Content that ranks well in organic search is content that finds your audience at the right time to generate or nurture a lead, improve the brand’s authority, and help drive revenue. Changing search algorithms and advanced machine learning programs, like Google’s RankBrain—as well as the constant flood of content from companies and individuals—however, make it increasingly difficult to earn rankings and drive traffic.

Content that wins in organic search needs to be the best: engaging, helpful, and worthy of shares and links. But how do you integrate a content strategy with modern SEO best practices? How can you get even more mileage out of content and reach your audience at the right time?

The intersection of content and SEO sparks a number of critical, high-priority questions for digital marketers, including:

  • How do we integrate SEO best practices into our content?
  • We’re producing a lot of content — are we getting all of the SEO benefit from it that we should? How can we maximize the impact of every piece without bogging down the process?
  • We know that we need more content to improve our SEO, but what content do we really need?
  • How can I equip my writers and editors with useful, meaningful SEO knowledge and skills?
  • We have great content – why doesn’t it rank higher on Google?

Creating high-quality content on a regular basis requires a team dedicated to both user experience and search engine optimization, which is why we’ve built a strategic team of analysts and editors who work together on each campaign.

Part of our commitment to high-quality SEO content requires Propecta to stay on top of the latest industry surveys and studies. Our collection of SEO Best Practice PDFs continues to grow as we finalize applications of strategic insights, and release them into the wild. That dedication pays off in SEO-based content consistently improves clients’ organic rankings and traffic.

Propecta Leverages SEO + Content Marketing

We will demonstrate how SEO can help your content drive the company’s KPIs, and how SEO should become a valuable component of any editor’s work or editorial calendar.

SEO Content Opportunity Audit

For many companies, the first step for supporting a content marketing strategy with SEO is a content marketing opportunity audit.

Keywords and search volume alone are meaningless. Effective SEO content starts with keywords, carefully prioritized by your team and your business goals, but Propecta then adds a layer of market and user intent research to identify the specific needs of your audience relative to their search queries. We combine that information with your market knowledge and unique expertise to prioritize the highest opportunity content needs—whether they require new content assets or improving existing content that is in the best place to drive quality, organic traffic.

Integrated Campaign

As part of any integrated SEO campaign, our team completes the above audit and provides ongoing support to make sure all of an organization’s content is positioned for the best SEO value. The scope of our involvement can range from embedding SEO-inspired content strategy into your existing editorial calendar, to driving and delivering an entirely new content strategy that significantly lifts your brand’s reach in organic search (and elsewhere).

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