Comprehensive SEO Consulting Services

Revenue and KPI growth
Don’t just “do SEO.” Measure how SEO work impacts business metrics to drive revenue growth.

Effort vs. impact: Priorities that matter
Get clear direction to finally understand what’s holding you back and what can drive organic traffic growth.

Team-based approach
Work directly with multiple Propecta subject matter experts to get thorough answers right away.

Creative execution
Leverage your internal resources, work with ours, or mix it up. We’ll help you carve the most efficient and effective path to growth.

Propecta’s SEO consulting services consistently deliver on your company’s unique KPIs, help define and clarify your brand, and drive decision makers to your virtual doorstep.

A modern SEO strategy should:

  • Generate revenue
  • Drive relevant, high-value website traffic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve user experience
  • Dominate organic rankings for the right keywords
  • Revolutionize your approach to content marketing
  • Support and integrate with other digital marketing channels
  • Help create alignment within the company
  • Help define and clarify brand messaging, as needed
  • Support and integrate with an overall digital strategy

Realizing these benefits requires taking SEO out of a silo and making it a part of everyday business functions. It also requires a team of passionate SEO strategists and technical analysts, savvy digital content craftsmen, and forward-thinking designers and developers.

Amanda Van Nuys
Amanda Van Nuys
Sr. Director, Marketing Communications and Customer Marketing

“We view Propecta as our secret SEO weapon that continues to deliver the business results we expect.”

How Propecta is Different From Other SEO Consultants and Agencies

The success of our SEO strategies is based on our unique 80/20 framework.

20%Technical SEO

80%Engagement SEO

Content that is:
  • The most helpful
  • The most popular
  • The most engaging

The 80/20 Framework

When many marketers think of SEO, they picture the technical SEO tasks that used to dominate the industry. As search engines have improved, however, SEO best practices have shifted. Propecta has effectively applied this updated framework to consistently deliver results across a variety industries. It works because it focuses on how Google serves users.

Modern SEO strategies, for most companies, should start yielding measurable results in six months with “signs of life” as soon as three months. Our team delivers. That’s why 90% of clients who give us those initial six months stick with Propecta.

In addition to a comprehensive list of SEO consulting services, and a cutting-edge understanding of modern search engines, Propecta’s partners consistently benefit from:

A carefully selected team of experts

The Propecta team consists of website content marketing strategists, designers and developers, technical SEO analysts, talented editors, and highly experienced strategists. Each client project is led by an experienced Account Strategist, but our clients have direct access to a variety of seasoned experts.

Consistent, reliable communication

Regular check-ins and meetings ensure SEO progress and provide peace of mind. Our team’s response time to questions and concerns is second to none.

A bigger team

Our team is an extension of your marketing department: we are focused on your goals and KPIs. And, as SEO often involves many players, the we are always available to provide insights and assistance in order to build cross-functional, long-lasting SEO success. 

Unparallelled flexibility

Our flexibility is a strategic advantage for your business. We can scale in scope for one season, one campaign, or continuous and long-term growth. We can also respond quickly to industry changes and/or search algorithm updates. 

Regular reporting that drives improvements

Monthly reporting is standard for all SEO campaigns—with weekly or bi-weekly reporting available. We also monitor organic SEO on a weekly basis as a regular, internal checkpoint for all of our client accounts.

Propecta’s SEO Consulting Services 

There is no one-size-fits-all SEO strategy. Our experienced strategists develop a custom combination of core services to help each client achieve their goals. Our services include:

Unique SEO Strategy

Monthly reporting is standard for all SEO campaigns—with weekly or bi-weekly reporting available. We also monitor organic SEO on a weekly basis as a regular, internal checkpoint for all of our client accounts.

SEO-Infused Content Marketing Strategy

Effective content marketing is inseparable from SEO (and vise versa). An SEO-savvy content strategy drives organic traffic, delivers more revenue, creates a strategic calendar, supports ABM, and more.

Content Production

Whether or not Propecta helps develop your company’s content strategy, we can help fulfill it. Our editors works with a highly vetted team of writers to create content that users and search engines love.

Technical SEO Assistance

Technical SEO is a minor part of a modern strategy, but it is still crucial. A measured approach to technical SEO helps clarify the health of your website and discover errors that are holding back your SEO efforts, without wasting resources on the wrong tasks.

Link Building

Authentic backlinks are still a top ranking factor for Google. A network of influencer relationships and an experienced PR team use a variety of strategies to earn the kind of links that improve your page’s authority.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is an increasingly crucial aspect of any digital marketing plan, and the Propecta team continues to stay on top of industry advancements. Our clients were all prepared for Google’s mobile-friendliness rollout, and our team quickly developed a comprehensive mobile-first indexing audit when Google announced the upcoming algorithm switch.

Keyword and User Intent Research

Traditional keyword research no longer provides actionable SEO intelligence. Our team has developed and successfully implemented a strategy for SEO-informed market research that drives real SEO and content marketing results in any industry.

Online PR and Influencer Outreach

Building relationships and brand awareness off-site is a valuable piece of a holistic SEO strategy. In addition to earning links, you benefit from improved authority as a thought-leader in your space.

Website Design, Development, and Maintenance

When your website is created and/or sustained by developers who know modern SEO best practices, the strategy is clearer, the design is intentional, and each page supports your marketing campaigns.

Flexible Fulfillment

Every company has a unique mix of trusted internal and external teams. Propecta is comfortable fulfilling all SEO work, or working with staff and other agencies to tackle SEO tasks. Our priority is delivering SEO results, no matter who is accomplishing the task.

Reporting and Monitoring

Our analysts and strategists use a variety of SEO software to generate the specific metrics that create actionable insights for each client’s industry, company, and unique goals.

A business’ needs frequently change as the brand grows and the marketing strategy matures – from technical to content, and sometimes simply due to the nature of the algorithmic world of search. Propecta pivots with your needs to ensure maximum results as long as you work with us.

Whether you just need some guidance as your in-house SEO team refines their strategy, or your company needs a long-term partner to develop and maintain your SEO, contact us today to discuss how Propecta can support your marketing goals.

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