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A new kind of buyer and the rapidly evolving marketplace have revolutionized the “what works” of marketing. Buyers’ standards are higher and the solutions they want are more specific than ever before. Marketers need new insight, because decision makers are upgrading their expectations every day.

It’s a new mindset for communicators, but this brave new world is also ripe with opportunities! The always-connected nature of the digital age, and the still-old-fashioned thinking of many marketers, means that savvy inbound marketers are poised to grab the attention of a massive, alert, and eager marketplace.

Join Nate Dame, CEO and Founder of Propecta, to learn how to reach today’s buyer.

  • It’s time to dig deeper than optimizing for the right keywords, because search is second nature. Learn how to reach buyers at exactly the right moment with smarter SEO.
  • Earn the long-term attention of future buyers, instead of just stealing it for a fraction of a second, with a content-based SEO strategy that answers questions, discusses trends and best practices, and displays your expertise.
  • Build your own proprietary audience beyond Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and YouTube views so that when buyers are ready to buy, they’re eager to buy from you.

You may have heard that Propecta (formerly known as SEOperks) recently changed its name. Why did we do it? During the webinar, Nate will also share some of the company’s journey through this inbound world – our wins and fails, lessons learned from working with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, and how it all led to the launch of a completely new brand.

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