seo ebook coverIt’s easy to find SEO work to do, but way too much “SEO work” is wasted on efforts that don’t make an impact.

Many SEO efforts fail to produce any kind of meaningful or measurable results, but that doesn’t mean that SEO, “doesn’t convert.” In fact, the importance of SEO is growing in almost every industry, sector,  and business model:

Executives and business owners cannot afford to ignore SEO, but the industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. Winning at SEO today requires an updated strategy.

The CMO’s Guide to Modern SEO will give you:

The CMO’s Guide to Modern SEO also includes articles from industry experts on how Google won the SEO PR battle, mobile SEO strategies, how to track SEO results when Google withholds data, and more.

When you’re ready to lead an SEO campaign that moves the needle on your company’s bottom line, that gives the marketing department a seat at the revenue table, use the form on the right to download your free copy of The CMO’s Guide to Modern SEO.