Propecta is a fast-paced, creative, driven, primarily remote, digital SEO agency trusted by forward-thinking companies and some of the world’s largest B2B and technology brands.

We currently have an opening for a new Digital Marketing Coordinator. He/she will work with existing teams in order to help us continue to grow while delivering excellent support to clients.

The Digital Marketing Coordinator helps the Propecta team operate efficiently and improves overall value by optimizing workflow and production. The Digital Marketing Coordinator works closely with an Account Strategist to put his/her vision, strategy, and plans into practice for clients.

A successful Propecta Digital Marketing Coordinator can create project plans and timelines from the direction of senior leadership; coordinate internal and client teams as needed for the completion of work; and organize and manage day-to-day activities and deadlines on client accounts—anticipating and solving potential bottlenecks and problems as needed. Therefore, success in this role requires a passion for organization, an acute eye for detail, personable and professional communication skills, and the ability to distill big picture/complex ideas into actionable processes.

The Digital Marketing Coordinator at Propecta is the secret sauce that turns vision into measurable SEO results, and strategy into ROI. Propecta’s Digital Marketing Coordinators build bridges from big picture inspiration into actionable processes, and then help bring the entire team across.


  • Assist in converting project briefs and roadmaps into actionable process steps in our project management system:
    • Ensure projects adhere to frameworks and internal standards.
    • Maintain documentation for each project.
    • Coordinate key internal stakeholders to drive toward meeting and exceeding client deadlines and expectations.
    • Strive toward the delivery of thoughtful, effective, and high-quality deliverables from other team members.
    • Manage priorities from the Account Strategist and/or client contact to maintain each client’s Project Roadmap as an actionable, practical, and helpful tool for both fulfillment team members planning work and Account Strategists planning budgets.
  • Provide direction as needed to internal team members.
    • Proactively manage the fulfillment of work—on a daily/weekly basis as necessary—to ensure all deliverables are progressing in a timely and cohesive manner.
    • Monitor resource expenditures on client projects.
  • Attend and participate in regular client and internal meetings.
    • Assist in preparing client-facing meeting agendas and internal status meeting agendas.
    • Document and follow up on important actions and decisions from meetings.
  • Provide additional strategic research, as needed, that does not fall within the responsibility of fulfillment team members.
  • Provide administrative support to Account Strategist as needed.


  • 1-3 years of comparable digital marketing experience in an agency or in-house team.
  • Extremely well organized — The Digital Marketing Coordinator should not only be organized, but be able to create and refine organizational frameworks for others to manage their work and streamline communications.
  • Detail-oriented — This role is all about the details. The Digital Marketing Coordinator is someone with an eye for understanding, organizing, communicating, and maintaining details that others rely on.
  • Self-starter — The Digital Marketing Coordinator can keep him/herself organized, on-task, motivated, driven, and efficient.
  • Excellent communication skills — This individual can communicate with a variety of personalities across a variety of mediums. He or she is conscious of timeframes and busy schedules, and can use any channel to communicate as efficiently as possible with a remote work team.
  • Ability to perform under pressure — Organizing a lot of busy schedules and timeframes requires a Digital Marketing Coordinator who does not get flustered or overwhelmed in the face of “emergencies,” immediate requests, or tight timelines.
  • Ability to say “no” — The Digital Marketing Coordinator needs to be able to say no and communicate at times difficult facts to empower every team member to have an accurate view of Propecta’s true capacity and realistic timelines in order to prevent emergencies and communicate accurate deadlines to clients.
  • Problem-solving skills — The Digital Marketing Coordinator can apply critical and creative thinking to a variety of situations in order to organize and reorganize workflows and deadlines as necessary.
  • Practical experience with modern project management tools.
  • Knowledge of the current state of SEO is a plus, but not required for this role.

This salaried position is full-time. Salary ranges from $40,000-45,000 depending on experience. Propecta also offers PTO, health insurance, and other benefits. While the role is primarily remote, periodic in-office days at our Lake Geneva headquarters are required. Hours are generally 9AM to 5PM.

To apply, send your resume to