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77 Characteristics of Quality Content: The Complete List

There are countless surveys and studies that highlight a few characteristics of "quality" SEO content, and more come out every year. Where do you start? Here. The complete, comprehensive list of the 77 characteristics of high-quality, SEO-savvy content.
By Alexis Wisniewski
February 14, 2017

4 Secrets to Website Navigation Design with SEO Power

Website navigation design is often considered in terms of design and/or user experience, but if SEO isn't part of the conversation, the website is missing some key SEO influence. Learn how to design a navigation structure that helps, rather than damages, your SEO efforts.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
February 7, 2017

5 Reasons Your Content Isn’t Ranking on Google and How to Fix Them

You have a documented content strategy, and it is mapped to personas and buyers’ journeys. You do everything you're supposed to do to create "high-quality content" … but it’s still not ranking well in search engines. Figure out why, and learn how to fix it.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
January 30, 2017

3 SEO Metrics to Silence the Critics and Impress the Boss

There are countless SEO metrics you COULD monitor, but these three will demonstrate progress from beginning to revenue (so you can do something besides metrics today).
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
January 23, 2017

8 SEO Tasks to Prioritize (and 4 to Stop Doing Immediately)

Too many marketers waste time on SEO tasks that don’t really affecting rankings or other KPIs. Make sure you’re focused on what matters.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
January 17, 2017

Google Now Penalizes Sites with Intrusive Interstitials (Pop-Up Ads)

Last autumn, Google announced a new ranking signal that would become effective today. Intrusive interstitials (aka pop-up ads that take over the screen) will now cause a ranking decline. Learn if yours qualify and what to do about it.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
January 9, 2017

Next-Level Strategies for SEO and Social Media that Actually Work Together

Discover, once and for all, how social media and SEO do (and do NOT) work together, and start building a strategy for both that drives results.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
January 2, 2017

How to Optimize the Holidays [Infographic]

The team at Propecta is so passionately dedicated to optimization, we want to help you get as much comfort and joy out of the season as possible. This exclusive infographic will help maximize your merriment.
By Alexis Wisniewski
December 20, 2016

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing: What It Means, and How to Prepare

Google has announced that they are working on mobile-first indexing, and plan to roll it out fairly soon. Get all the info you need about mobile-first indexing, what it means for your site, and how to be prepared for the shift.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
December 9, 2016

Syndicating Content and SEO: When and How to Do It Right

When content syndication is done well, your brand benefits from greater exposure, secondary publishers benefit from your great content, and Google benefits from clear direction for its search results. Learn how to do it right.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
November 28, 2016