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How to Build an SEO Team for Cross-Department Results

Company org charts seem to indicate that certain functions “live” in certain places: HR is HR’s job. Accounting is Accounting’s job. But that doesn’t generally work with good marketing, and least of all with effective SEO. We need delineation to know “the buck stops here,” and “I’m in charge of this,” but SEO is one […]

By Nate Dame
July 19, 2016

How to Build Links in the Modern SEO Landscape

Linking building has been a dicey topic for marketers, especially when trying to ramp up SEO. Should companies try to “do link building”? Is all link building “black hat”? Will we get penalized? If links are still important, how do we do link building in a modern SEO world? Google’s John Mueller has said (to […]

By Nate Dame
July 12, 2016

10 Common SEO and Content Marketing Questions

My team and I recently returned from a beautiful week in Fort Lauderdale, where we got to hang out once again with an amazing group of transportation and logistics marketers at the annual Transportation Management & Sales Association (TMSA) conference. The theme of this year’s event was content marketing, with keynote speaker Joe Pulizzi delivering […]

By Nate Dame
June 22, 2016

Google Updates Local SEO Guidelines, Ranking Factors

On the heels of Google’s big reveal of their top two ranking factors comes still more direction and ranking factor-information—this time specifically for local SEO efforts. Google recently hinted at “new guidance” for improving local search rankings. In fact, this new information triples what Google previously provided on local SEO ranking factors.   Google’s newly […]

By Nate Dame
April 7, 2016

Google’s Top 3 Ranking Factors Revealed

Google has officially confirmed their top three ranking factors. While the winners probably won’t come as a huge surprise, it is interesting to see them finally named. It’s also a great opportunity for a mini SEO audit. How does your current SEO strategy line up with this new information? Are Google’s Top 3 your Top […]

By Nate Dame
March 29, 2016

Google Drops Sidebar Ads: Full Summary of Impact for SEO

The rumors are true: Google has dropped sidebar ads on their SERPs. Marketers have been watching what appeared to be some testing of the new format for a couple of weeks now. Last week, The Media Image broke the story, and a Google spokesperson confirmed the changes with Search Engine Land the next day. Earlier […]

By Nate Dame
February 25, 2016

What is Account Based Marketing and What Does It Mean for SEO?

If there’s one thing that every marketer can agree on, it’s that marketing is always changing. Core concepts about communication and relationships may stay the same, but as our tech advances it reshapes how those strategies are expressed. Perhaps no one knows that better than Jon Miller. The former CMO and Co-Founder of Marketo (and […]

By Nate Dame
January 4, 2016

5 SEO Metrics that Matter for 2016

As 2015 comes to a close and businesses review year-end metrics, marketing blogs are full of predictions for the new year: what will happen, what best practices will develop, what Google might come up with next. That’s all well and good, but the fact is, predictions aren’t necessary to start looking ahead at for 2016. […]

By Nate Dame
December 29, 2015

Google’s RankBrain and the Future of SEO

It’s no secret that Google has been heavily invested in artificial intelligence research for years, and now we know why (at least in part). RankBrain is the latest addition to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm: an artificial intelligence program that that has been helping deliver Google search results since the beginning of this year. While it has […]

By Nate Dame
October 27, 2015

Behind the Scenes at Propecta’s Staff Retreat [Pictures]

What a week! Last week I had the pleasure of hosting what is probably the most talented, creative, and committed team of marketers in the country. The event was Propecta’s annual staff retreat at our headquarters in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The team had an incredibly productive three days discussing everything from process improvements, growth […]

By Nate Dame
September 4, 2015

8 SEO Best Practices for SaaS Product Pages

Can I be honest on the internet? Get something off my chest? Most of the SaaS product pages I’ve seen are all wrong (and it seems to be contributing to a serious bit of SEO slander). Let me explain. And then let me help you fix it. (To be clear, and to prevent disappointing anybody, […]

By Nate Dame
April 28, 2015

6 Mini Case Studies: How Leading Companies are Adapting to the Mobile User

How are you reading this, right now? Statistically speaking, many of you are mobile. Is your brand ready for the mobile world? Are you meeting buyers on their terms, creating content for every context, and removing barriers inherent in small touch-screens? 64% of decision makers regularly read email on mobile devices. Mobile accounts for roughly […]

By Rebecca Levinson
April 21, 2015

How Every Blog Posts Can Earn SEO Traffic

It’s almost a universally accepted truth that most blog posts get a traffic spike the day or week they are published and promoted, and then fade into obscurity in the ever-increasing sea of online content. Even some SEO-savvy marketers are having an increasingly harder time creating content that stands out from the general banality of […]

By Nate Dame
April 15, 2015

Google’s Mobile Update Will be Bigger than Penguin & Panda

It’s coming … Google’s new mobile-usability ranking hits the web on April 21, and marketers and webmasters are hard at work updating and fine-tuning their websites. The new algorithm will give priority (in mobile search) to pages and sites that are mobile-responsive—for obvious reasons. We’ve already discussed why Google is prioritizing mobile-friendliness and what marketers […]

By Alexis Wisniewski
March 24, 2015

We’ll Never Win! Google’s AI can Beat Atari Games

Last month, a team of Google scientists unveiled a deep-learning algorithm called DQN—a general purpose, self-educating computer program that is killing it at Atari. (Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Thought so.) DQN is running on a high-end desktop computer with two notable advances: Q-learning is a positive-reinforcement learning method by which the program constantly […]

By Nate Dame
March 19, 2015

3 Things B2B Marketers Must Do to Stay Ahead of Google

Google’s Knowledge Graph has yet to fully invade the B2B world, but it does have a dramatic impact on the average decision maker’s purchase process. Because of it’s current reshaping of Google search results, and it’s constant steady expansion, the Graph is not something that B2B marketers can afford to ignore. An up-to-date understanding of […]

By Nate Dame
March 10, 2015

New Google Ranking Algorithm Checks Facts, Not Links

Over the weekend, NewScientist reported that Google has already developed a process to determine the trustworthiness of websites based not on the quality or number of backlinks, but by the validity of the facts on the page. (This algorithm news has hit mainstream and tech news sites, but it doesn’t seem to have reached the […]

By Nate Dame
March 4, 2015

Confirmed: Websites with Poor Mobile Usability Will Soon Lose Rankings

Last week, Google announced that mobile-friendliness is about to become a serious ranking factor for mobile searches. This is more than geeky SEO news: this is a wake-up call for brands of all sizes. And Propecta is helping business prepare with a limited number of no-obligation, hand-built Mobile Usability Action Plans, available on a first […]

By Nate Dame
March 2, 2015

What Google’s Recent “Avoid Link Building” Statements Really Mean

The SEO corner of the internet has been abuzz for more than a week now because Google’s John Mueller addressed the topic of link building in a vague, almost contradictory kind of way. And marketers are — rightly so — asking what it means. If you haven’t already seen the quote (and the YouTube embeds) […]

By Nate Dame
February 26, 2015

How to Change What Google Displays About Your Brand

If someone were going to redesign your company’s website, you would demand to have a voice in the process. The website is your brand’s first impression, online storefront, and unique voice in the digital marketplace. You would never let someone change it without being directly involved. But the truth is, someone is changing how users […]

By Alexis Wisniewski
February 24, 2015