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Does Your Business Need Multiple Websites? What Google Has to Say

There are several reasons that digital marketers frequently give for developing a second website, but is it really the best solution for your SEO? In most cases, Propecta has been saying, "No," and now, Google has finally weighed in on the conversation.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
February 5, 2019

Siloed SEO Doesn’t Work! How to Create an Integrated Strategy

Modern SEO practices provide insights for every other digital marketing channel, and modern SEO strategies require cross-departmental input. Learn how to break down the SEO silo for a better digital marketing strategy overall!
Avatar By Alexis Wisniewski
October 10, 2017

Google Penalty Recovery Checklist: A Complete Guide [with PDF]

If you believe your site has been penalized by Google, it’s important to take steps toward recovery. Validate that traffic changes are the result of a penalty, determine what type of penalty has been applied, and take steps to get the penalty removed to recover lost traffic.
Nate Dame By Nate Dame
July 25, 2017