Technical SEO creates a lot of challenges for marketers, not the least of which is deciphering what works needs doing, and what will make an impact. If your SEO doesn’t seem to be working, or you suspect the site has technical SEO errors, you may find yourself paralyzed by questions.

Are technical SEO issues limiting our rankings?
Could technical SEO opportunities increase our organic search traffic?
Which tools should we use?
Which red flags should be addressed first?
How do I measure the impact of technical SEO work?

By examining your site hands-on—from every imaginable angle—Propecta’s Technical SEO Audit gives answers that matter:

If you’re unsure why your SEO efforts aren’t improving the way they should, or how to diagnose the health of your site and your SEO strategy, our technical SEO audit can be the map and the compass you need.

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Technical SEO: An Essential Foundation

A modern SEO strategy can be broken down into two classifications of work: technical SEO and engagement SEO.

Good technical SEO is the prerequisite for effective SEO. Foundational technical considerations serve as the doorway for an impactful SEO strategy. Done well, technical SEO will get your team in the game, where engagement SEO can take over to drive significant rankings and traffic. Any red flags or technical SEO issues, however, will hold your entire site back no matter how good your engagement SEO work is.

Propecta both uses and recommends our 80/20 Framework for SEO work.

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This model has proven effective in both B2B and B2C companies in every industry to which it has been applied. We structure our resources this way because it’s easy to get too caught up in technical SEO tricks that no longer move the needle on search engine rankings, but basic technical considerations are still the foundation of an effective strategy. That 20% comes first.

That’s where a technical SEO audit comes in.

Now More Than Ever

When does your website need a technical audit? Think about it like taking a kid for a checkup:

Google is updating its algorithms 24/7/365, which means your site has no time for technical SEO issues. As user demands for accessibility, speed, and overall quality continue to climb, Google is constantly translating those expectations into ranking factors.

SEO has become a real-time consideration:

In a game where the rules were constantly changing, how often would you check your strategy against the updates? That’s the world of modern SEO.

Benefits of a Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit can be revolutionary for a digital marketing strategy that is stuck in a rut. Specifically, you can look forward to:

And these benefits extend far beyond the latest SEO campaign. Cleaning up technical SEO issues allow the site to perform better as a whole, which improves every digital marketing initiative.

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Propecta’s Technical SEO Audit: Scope

Our technical SEO audit starts with a manual, hands-on analysis of more than 120 technical SEO factors. Each one is rated according to our simple scale, so you know exactly how your site is performing regarding issues such as:

The final report includes detailed recommendations—prioritized and presented with thorough descriptions of each issue and steps that should be taken to remedy them. Critical issues are highlighted and detailed.

Each improvement opportunity is further rated by estimated effort and projected impact on overall SEO performance. You can start making improvements according to our prioritization, or decide for yourself which issues are most important to your brand.

Propecta’s Technical SEO Audit: Unique Advantages

It’s true, there are other SEO agencies offering their own version of a technical SEO audit, but the Propecta team has some unique advantages to offer:

We are not selling software and we do not consider SEO audits a secondary service we are somehow obligated to offer. Technical SEO is the doorway to an effective SEO—and, thus, digital marketing—strategy, so our audits are crafted with care.

How Do I Get Started?

If you have questions, or if you’re ready to jump in, fill out the short contact form in the sidebar, and one of our SEO strategists will be in touch within 1 business day (often under 4 business hours).

  1. We’ll start with a short conversation, which can be email or phone—whichever is easiest for you. This is simply for us to get an idea of the scope of the audit you need, what questions you need answered, etc.

  2. Then, our team gets to work. An average technical SEO audit takes two weeks to complete. The specific timeline will vary depending on the size of your website and the size of the audit you need. We can give you a more specific timeframe after that initial conversation so you know when to expect your report.

  3. After the audit is complete, the next step is completely up to you. We can talk about how Propecta might be able to help further, or you can turn the report over to your in-house teams.

Get Started

Not only have Propecta provided us with top-quality SEO audits, but they also have a whole host of free resources in place, such as SEO webinars. These are great at keeping our team up-to-date with the latest trends, as well as keeping us informed of new services. We’d definitely recommend Propecta’s services. They did exactly what we needed them to do and more! — Caitlin Roxburgh, Marketing Executive, BookingLive